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Empowering Company-level Construction with Cloud-Based Solutions

Meet Shanthi, a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a diverse background. She's worn many hats in the industry, from investor to serial entrepreneur, mostly recently having founded AEC Startup Linarc.

AEC Trailblazers by e-verse
AEC Trailblazers: The Founders Files
Building the Future of Construction, One Story at a Time.
Join us on AEC Trailblazers: The Founders Files, where we delve into the minds of the brightest stars in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) startup world. Through intimate interviews, we go beyond the elevator pitch to uncover the raw, personal stories behind these innovative disruptors.
Forget dry industry jargon. This is where passion meets innovation. Hear directly from the founders who are shattering traditional mindsets and reimagining the built environment. Join our community of passionate builders.
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